Twitter and Privacy


I was watching CBS news early this morning, and heard that Twitter collects personal information from your address book, your contacts names and addressses and search terms that you use and keeps them for 18 months!

They get the information when you put it” find friends”, but it doesn’t only keep your personal information, it also has the information of all of your friends!

In the future, they will allow you to authorize this or let you opt out.

From a social marketing standpoint, the lack of privacy faced in Twitter and Facebook will drive people away from using them, perhaps now at first, but when more and more personal information gets out.

The pros, if I am searching for say ” spring dresses”, they will send me tweets from many spring dress companies having sales, on the sales end, companies can know who is looking for what, so bring in the consumer that may not ordinarily see their product, such as Bluefly, which as beautiful dresses, but that I don’t normally buy clothing from.

It’s important to know how to manage your privacy when using social media. The above is a link that gives information on how to manage it on Facebook.

The companies that I looked into this week were Target and Hallmark, which both seem to use social media well, without infringing on a person’s privacy.

Target posts ads on Facebook, or Tweets upcoming sales, you can also download their icon on your Iphone. Hallmark sends out tweets f


One response to “Twitter and Privacy

  1. Privay is a huge issue in Social Media and it is getting harder and harder to keep up with who you let have access to what from where. Here is a little help site that will take you to privacy settings for several Social Media platforms:

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