Future Implications


Linked In has changed the face of the job search, in that you can see which of your already friends is on LinkedIn to network with them as well as others in your field. Also, many businesses use Linked In instead of going the route of the employment ad, to find qualified employee’s without having to sift thru resumes.
Pinterest, I could see being used by business’s in the future, but more by small busineses competing with larger ones, such as a small clothing designer, showing models wearing the dresses, or a hair salon etc.

I would have in the future, a travel app, called ” Amelia” after Amelia Earhart. Amelia would is where you could go to find hotel rooms that may not have sold, reviews of places, restaurants, airline tickets and car rentals, There would be a great input from the consumer. A example would be, if I were in Walt Disney World, and I wanted to know where to dine, I would type in WDW-Epcot, and reviews and prices would pop up, as well as the ablity to make reservations.

There would also be a ” personal shopping app” called Ellie. Ok, if you wanted a white top and blue skirt, at say, Ann Taylor Loft, you would go into the app, order and view the sizes and styles, and when you got to the location, go in and pay for it, you would pay for it thru your app with your linked credit card.

The above is also future predictions on how shopping will change in the future.


2 responses to “Future Implications

  1. I agree that LinkedIn has changed the way employees network and look for jobs and the way employers search for candidates. I was speaking about LinkedIn to someone in my Human Resources team this morning and she said that she always checks LinkedIn and other social network sites for information on candidates. It can work both for and against candidates, so I would remind people that once you make something public (ie, Tweet, post something on Facebook, write something on LinkedIn) you can never really take it back. Its best to always keep your professional life professional so it can’t hurt you later!

    With respect to Amelia and Ellie, I like both of your concepts. Do you think both are best suited for mobile phone applications? What do you think about the issue of privacy and storing your credit card information in an app? Personally, I think both your concepts do seem well suited for phones and I do have an issue with security of my credit card. Maybe one day I’ll get more comfortable with that, but for now I’m very limited with where I give out my credit card information!

  2. Great post! LinkedIn is a great professional website and I agree that it will be used more and more by businesses when looking for employees instead of going the traditional route.
    As for your apps, I think they’re great ideas! I feel that there are several apps that have maybe just hotel rooms or just restaurant reviews, but one with everything combined would be really great as users could use just the one app for everything they need while traveling. It’s interesting that you bring up the credit card use on the app as I feel that is something we are progressing to as well. But the security issue might become something to worry about and trusting that app.

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