Zicam vs Claritin : Problem when a pharmacutical takes their brand social

Companies such as Claritan and Zicam have slowly been getting Facebook pages, but when a page focus’s on their product, they can get negativity, which can cause a adverse effect.

Zicam is most likely to link their products back to treatments that mention Zicam products, which doesn’t have the consumer giving any input into the product. Claritin on the other hand, encourages discussion.

Most pharmacuticals do emphasize treatments, since people sometimes respond with negative effects.



The above is a interesting way that Claritin can chart their fans and what they are saying.


They recalled Zicam because of loss of smell, and reached out to consumers to return the Zicam on Facebook and Twitter, so in that case, people asked on Twitter/Facebook, why they had this reaction, and were told what was being done about the problem and to return the product on the same social media sites.


One response to “Zicam vs Claritin : Problem when a pharmacutical takes their brand social

  1. Pharmaceutical companies may present an example where it is better to listen and use Social Media to manage market perception and address PR concerns rather than to push hard on promotion. Pharmaceutical companies may be able to solicit customer testimonails (imaging a sponsored hashtag of #ClaritinClear) as long as this doesn’t violate FDA regulations.

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