Employers Asking for Facebook Passwords Could be Violating Federal Law (Really)

As a job hunter, I think that it is wrong to ask employee’s for their Facebook password, I don’t think that it has a effect on their work.

.: Social Media Law :.

According to recent reports, certain employers across the country are demanding the social networking information from job applicants as part of the interview process — including photos and personal messages not shared with anyone else; they want user names and passwords for social networking and email websites from all applicants.

In one case, the Associated Press reported a statistician was asked for his Facebook user name and password so that the employer could review private components of his profile as part of the interview process for the job he was applying for.  The Maryland Department of Corrections has begun asking applicants to browse through their Facebook accounts in the presence of an interviewer.

At least two other cases were identified where individuals who were applying for jobs were required to turn over Facebook passwords and user names in order to be considered for the job they were applying for, as well…

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