Colleges and social media

My last job was at Brown University, and they used many methods of social media to reach students. It was the easiest way to reach students, since many came from outside the Rhode Island area, and many were out of the country.

The link above gives information and graphs on how social media is used by schools. They usually use Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogging and Message Boards.

They are used for such things as class announcements, school pride, for potential students and professional development.

I have “friended” SNHU career development office, for updates on jobs,and to learn more about updating my resume and various companies.
The above link is from the website which gives information on the various types of social media that is used.

Brown reaches their students thru Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, itunesU and LinkedIn.

In my previous position, I was an assistant to a professor, but did not personally use any of the social media, other then contacting the students via email.


4 responses to “Colleges and social media

  1. Social media has proved to be a great tool for students. I read a CNN article that talked about how accepted students are using Twitter and Facebook to research colleges before committing to a school. It allows these kids to see the honest opinions of current students and get an honest look at the environment of the school. It also makes the person feel like part of the school’s community, being able to communicate with current students and administrators.

  2. It’s interesting how every industry can find their own unique way to use social media and why it’s important for them to use. I think it makes sense for universities to use it as the majority of their students are already using social media so what better way to get in touch with them than using social media. It’s also interesting how elementary and high schools are using social media to keep students and parents informed about whats going on at school. In addition it can be used during a crisis at a school, this article discussing what steps a school should take

  3. Considering that the current generation is adopting Social Media in large numbers, it makes a lot of sense for Colleges and Universities to adopt Social Media. Do you think that Colleges and Universities should stick with existing Social Media tools or do you think they should seek to create a private space for students to interact with faculty and each other, like a virtual campus?

  4. I like the idea of the schools using their networks to fuel their connections, not create the virtual campus. The most popular networks now have groups for schools and I think that was a great move. If people need more of a chat setting, they can easily create chats on IRC for a specific subject and use the network temporarily. There is no need to make an exclusive virtual campus, in my opinion.

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